Three Quick Tips for Getting the Absolute Most of a Free Law Consultation

A free consultation is a saving grace for any individual considering legal action but in dire need of more information. A free consultation will often provide enough information to know whether moving forward is viable. Below are three tips for getting the most out of a free consultation in any legal field.

Stay Away from Financial Talk, Mostly

If the case is strong, the financial part will often fall into place. One major problem many clients walk into in a consultation is keeping the focus on the financial aspects of the case. These are important, of course, but not for a first consultation. The focus should be on the strength of the case and if there is one present. Financial talk will become a major point of anxiety at worst and will likely be at least a distraction. To get the most out of a consultation, find information that cannot be easily retrieved elsewhere and that focuses on a plan of action- not how affordable it is. Financial talk should be mentioned, but it is not the primary element.

The major points of discussion (and notes) will generally help with the game plan and the path to success. It will help answer the question, “is there a viable case here?” The viability is not necessarily in the case of the lawyer, it is in the client. Does the lawyer think the case is strong enough to win? If not, it may be a losing proposition for the client, and a rabbit hole that may be too deep to come out of as a victor.

The Time: Know it Ahead of Time

Is the meeting 30 minutes? An hour? The timeline will help a client prepare the main questions they want to ask. The meeting will just about always end before all questions are asked, and that is normal. But, the most valuable questions should be put right up front. It helps in planning and it helps in keeping the immediacy of the conversation going.

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